About the Moonshiner


What started as a bet has evolved to a cause for the social good of Islander's. 

The Moonshiner Swim, founded in 2016 by Logan Hayman, Charlie Schurman and Bryan Cameron is an event which raises funds for the Generation XX skatepark/youth-club.  The Moonshiner challenges the average Joe to prove to themselves (and other's) what they can accomplish mentally and physically by swimming the Northumberland Straight.

The Moonshiner is not a race and invites swimmers of all abilities to get out into the Northumberland Strait and push their physical boundaries and test the human spirit.  We welcome new swimmers (much like Logan & Bryan) and the experienced, alongside both the old and the young.


Generation XX skatepark/ youth-club

Since 1997 Generation XX in Summerside has been a safe, supervised place for the youth of the city and surrounding areas to grow friendships, learn organizational skills, volunteer for their community and grow into productive members of society. Their approach to youth engagement is one of empowerment; they seek to involve youth in all aspects of the organization including having half of their Board of Directors comprised of youth members. By doing so, youth are involved in decision making, problem solving and fundraising efforts. 

They have won many prestigious awards, including an International Fellowship Award for Youth Engagement. The youth realize that they are the driving force behind the club. By showing that they can work with the police, business people, parents and others in the community, the whole community benefits from the development of Generation XX Youth.

Giving back

All money raised by the Moonshiner Swim participants and the 'Shawshbuckler' celebration party go directly to Generation XX skate-park/ youth-club.

The Moonshiner Swashbuckler

About the Swashbuckler


 The annual Swashbuckler, which follows the Moonshiner swim, is a celebration for the swimmers, yakkers and volunteers who come together to make each years swim possible. A proper good ol ' island foot-stomper highlighting some of Atlantic Canads's best musicians. 

2016 Swashbuckler


The first Swashbuckler was small and took place at the home of a Moonshiner Swim organizer. Good eats, bonfire, guitars and friends. A combination for a good time. 

2017 Swashbuckler


The Swashbuckler grew in attendance and took place at the Summerside Legion. There were memorable performances by Jeremy Heisler and Joe Myers, both rocked the stage and and kept the party going all night.

2018 Swashbuckler


Doors open at the Summerside Legion on Sat, August 25th, at 7PM. 

We are excited to announce performances by Jordan Cameron and Wheelhouse Band. 

Jordan Cameron has been a regular on the Island music scene for almost 10 years. His blend of folky - alternative, story driven songs will stick with you long after the show. He has released 4 studio albums, and has been nominated for an ECMA, and 6 Music PEI awards. He's trying to make the ukulele cool, but not sure if its working.

WheelHouse band is not your father's cover-band. Four music lovers, all with differing influences and backgrounds come together to play all the classics as well as keeping things fresh with newer music relevant to the younger generation and original songs of their own.

2019 Swashbuckler


Lot's of laughs, food and good tunes at Dale & Eldon Noonan's house in Hunter River.

Until next year!

2020 Swashbuckler


Interested in booking an island artist for an upcoming event? Please contact the Moonshiner team to get in touch with our list of the best. 

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Please have patience with turn around times on communication. We are a three person volunteer team, all with full time jobs and a combined total of four kids.

The Moonshiner Swim

Borden-Carleton, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Phone: +49 151 46972518 Email: moonshinerswim@gmail.com


The Moonshiner aims to work with one main sponsor and several small sponsors each year. Please contact us to receive our current sponsorship package and availability.